Pulled and Released

Understanding the sacrifice, Posture, and Benefits of Service.




For the individual who feels called to a higher service, this book serves as a manual preparing you for the place of leadership through service.

Pulled and Released will help us understand the demands and benefits of service, submission and surrender, especially in a generation where we’re seeing so many casualties on the frontline in any sphere, both in church and marketplace because the place of preparation, training and service has been downplayed – people want to be sent into the field without submitting to the necessary training, sometimes rigorous training.

The principle illustrated in the chapters of this book is simple – for a musical instrument like a harp or a guitar to make a sound, its strings have to be pulled first then released to produce that beautiful sound we desire people to hear and appreciate.

This book will show us how to work from the back-end to the point of implementation. It will show us how to go through the process of working behind the scene to the point of significance.


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