As the global landscape changes and increasingly becomes complex for individuals and organizations, especially on the back of the recent global pandemic. We have positioned ourselves to enable individuals, leaders, and organizations to crystallize their concept and transform their vision into reality, through exceptional performance. We support individuals and organizations all over the world in their journey towards purposeful and significant change.

I have gained significant corporate experience in Investment Banking (Financial Technology) as a consultant and business analyst, involved in several church plants and business start-ups. I have decided to turn my passion for building consistently into guiding other individuals and leaders.

One of the most exciting aspects of my journey is building consistently from ground zero to having significant traction and results.

I have learned by experience how to build with nothing, with some, and amid great adversity.

Some of the lessons I have learned is the ability to make decisions quickly and not change them. But if I have to change them, to change them very slowly. I have also learned the power of visualisation, or like I say it, the ability to fantasise – think creatively and create thoughtfully.

I am committed to being the following:
Empathetic & Mindful, Aspirational & Inspirational, Real & Authentic, Bespoke & Individual, Bold & Clear

There are three aspects of the services we provide:

  1. Mentor – Sharing my wealth of experience to provide individual and corporate guidance
  2. Coach – Empowering individuals and organizations to find answers through the power of awareness. 
  3. Consult – Proposing expert advice to individuals and corporate organizations.

The question is, what makes my mentoring, coaching, and consulting so unique?
I aspire to create authentic and real connections with the individuals and organizations I work with, ensuring that each methodology is customized to whom I am working with. I will both inspire and challenge you to push boundaries and go against the status quo.

I am mindful of every individual and organization’s uniqueness and will work with empathy to create the expected result.

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